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Internet has abundant uses. We can search any information in web and it makes our life easier. Not only this we can also earn money using internet. Now days E-commerce is increasing day by day. Because of many people use internet, most of company do advertise their product in the different platform like Youtube, website, search engine and many others.  We can also get benefit from internet and earn some amount being a publisher. If we have website with good and sufficient content then there are numerous way to monetize it. If we advertise other’s product in our website, then we are a publisher. There are number of advertisement platform in internet through which we can monetize our contents. Some of renown advertising platform are Google Adsense , Infolink, Mgid, Viglink etc.  If your site has quality content and good traffic then  single company may do contact you to advertise their product in your website.

Today we are going to talk about Google Adsense. How to monetize your contents in Google Adsense ? Before going to topic, lets talk about contents. Contents are the things that you created in your web platform like webpages, your own videos and all electronic assests you own. 

To monetize your contents in any platform over internet, you should have following things:

  • Well Managed, Regular, and Sufficient Relevant Contents
  • Good Traffic- You site should have regular visitor to look your contents 
  • Good SEO- Good rank in search engine and your contents should crawled by search engine while searching relevant content similar to your site
  • If you have these 3 things then you are eligible in any platform to monetize your content.  Google Adsense provides 2 types of account to publisher and they are :
  • Google Adsense Hosted Account
  • Google Adseense Non-Hosted Account

->What is Google Adsense Hosted account?

Google has provided it’s own platform to it’s publisher to monetize their contents. They are blogger and youtube. If you have good writing skills and able to create quality contents about anything you interested then you can make your own blog using google blogger Service. To sign up for blogger just go through www.blogger.com and sign up using your google account. During Sign up you can give suitable name for your blog, for eg if you are interested in Sports Game and you want to write blog about you it then you can give name like ‘Sport Game Blog’ or whatever  you like. You also should provide sub domain for you blogger. E.g  if your blog is related to sports then you can give subdomain like sportsblog.blogspot.com but subdomain you choose should be available.  After signing up your blog you can create posts, pages and can customize template for blogger. There are all setting in left hand side of blogger. After doing these, keep posting content of particular topic and attract people to your blog providing quality contents. If your blog have sufficient contents and good traffic then you can meet the requirement to apply for google adsense hosted account. Blog for some countries need 3 month old to apply for google adsense hosted account where as for other countries you get eligible within a week . If you are eligible then then Adsense Sign up for adsense do appear in blogger setting and click there and  fill up adsense application form providing all required info and submit form. After that adsense team will review your application and if they find your site suitable for adsense program then they will approve your adsense account and you can place ads in your site.

Steps to approve google adsense hosted acccount for blogger:

  • Start posting content on particular topic regularly. Try to make your quality content which helps your blogger to attract many people
  • Use simple and  optimized template for your blogger
  • Create all necessary page describing your blog like about us, privacy policy, contact us etc 
  • Blog from some country need 3 months old 
  • After having sufficient , quality content and enough traffic you will see the option called sign up for Adsense and fill up the form providing all required information and submit the form.
  • After submitting form, adsense team review your application and look over your site. It takes few days to complete and if they find the your site suitable for adsense program then you will approve your application.
  • Then you will able to run google adsense account where you can manage your adsense activities like creating ad units, running experiments, payments setting etc 

How to place ads code in website ?

Different company use Adsense prgram for the advertisement of their product. After your account is approved, you should create ad units and place that in your webiste.Steps to place adsense ads code in Website:

  • Sign in Your approved adsense account
  • Click on My ads 
  • There you will see New ad units. Click this and put the name of ad unit. Name should be anything but write as reference write name relevant to the ads. 
  • Choose ad size according to where you want place this ad.
  • You can also specify the ad type. There are 3 types of ad i.e Text and display ads, Display ads only and text ads only.
  • After that click on save and get code. Then ad unit will be created and get java-script of that ad unit.
  • Copy java script and put that code in suitable pace of your website as per ads type and size.

This is the way to monetize your content , creating ads unit, placing the code in blogger.Next we are going to talk about monetizing your video content in youtube. Youtube is another platform provided by Google where people can monetize their content using Google Adsense Hosted account. To monetize your video content in Youtube, first you should have Youtube Channel  in www.youtube.com using your google account. After creating youtube channel, if your are eligible for adsense program ( your age must be of 18 plus , you should be from eligible country) . Then you can enable monetize option from status and features under channel setting. After you enable monetize option you should set up adsense account like as in blogger. You should provide all required information and submit form. Adsense Team will review you application and approve with in a week. After that you can able ti  accumulate revenue from your videos. But you should monetize each video form which you want to  accumulate revenue.How to monetize videos in Youtube Channel ? After you enable monetize option and set up adsense account , you can monetize your videos .

Steps to monetize videos in youtube channel :

  • Upload the quality video
  • After upload completed, write basic info about your videos like Topic of your video , description of your video, tags for your video. 
  • Tap on monetization and choose types of ad suitable for your video. Types of ads for video are i.e Display Ads, Overlay ads, sponsored cards and skippable video ads
  • And Save changes 

In this way you can monetize your videos in Youtube Channel and accumulate revenue in adsense account.We talked about google adsense hosted account. Now it’s time for google non hosted account. What is google non hosted account ? It is the type og google adsense account in which you can monetize your own web platform i.e website. For google non hosted account, you should not need any google platform like youtube, blogger. You should have your own website registered with top level domain like .com . net .org and many other.How to sign up for google adsense non hosted account ?First things that you need is Website with  top level domain. Your website should have sufficient quality content, decent traffic and seo optimized site. If you have these things then you can sign up google adsense non hosted account.

Steps sing up for Google adsense non hosted account :

  • Click on sign up using your google account
  • After that put your website in which you want to use google adsense non hosted acccount  and select content languag and save and continue
  • After that provide all information in ‘Your information” section like payee name, address, telephone number etc and agree with terms and condition of google adsense program
  • Then submit you application 

You application will review by adsense team and decide whether to approve or not. If your site get approved, you can access google adsense non hosted account and can monetize contents of your website. Like as blogger, you have to create ads unit and place to suitable place of your webpages. This process is same as blogger.In this way you can create google adsense non hosted account and monetize your content in your own website. One of  the benefit of non hosted account is  you can will get more features than hosted account.

So  if  you guys are talent or have a passion in particular filed and want to convert these passion/talent then utilize internet from today and show your talent to the world and start making some money from this. At first you will find it tedious and boring but don’t give up just keep sharing you ideas and talent to people and it is sure that one day you will be recognized by  world and you passion may change into your fortune/careers.

Article by – RamChandra Thakuri
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